Would the Tesla Roadster become an untouchable collector’s item?

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While version 2.0 is long overdue, the first generation Tesla Roadster is starting to join the auctions.

The new generation of Tesla Roadster is falling further behind than expected. While waiting for its arrival, the old and first generation is gradually gaining interest among enthusiasts. If it is not yet a collector’s item, it seems on the right track to become one.

A new copy offered for sale through auctions proved it again. Listed on Bring A Trailer, a high bidder site open to everyone, the 2011 Roadster 2.5 Sport was sold for $190,000. Either one of the records at the moment. It shows that passion sweeps away all concerns around second-hand electric cars and the reliability of very first-generation technologies.

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Fast-rising prices for the Tesla Roadster

As a reminder, this version sold for $128,500 when it was released was at the very top of the range. It still offered a 292 hp engine for 400 Nm of torque, but the chassis was revised with AP Racing brakes, adjustable suspension and anti-roll bars. The 58 kWh battery then promised 393 km of autonomy.

This new sale clearly indicates the path that the first generation Tesla Roadster will follow. As a reminder, a copy was sold by the renowned auction house RM Sotheby’s last year for $112,000. And yet it was a version equipped with the ultimate 3.0 update, which notably increased the battery capacity to 70 kWh for 640 km of autonomy! The first generation Tesla Roadster will quickly become a collector’s item, undoubtedly fetching unheard of sale prices.

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