You will be able to know the air quality on Google Maps

Google Maps is getting a new function that allows you to know the air quality directly in the application. It is currently only available in the United States unfortunately.

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The big cities are more and more polluted and you may take measures, before going on vacation for example. Google Maps adds air quality display in its iOS and Android app.

The display of the Air Quality Index arrives in Google Maps

According to Google, “ it can be useful to know the air quality conditions, for example if there is unusual smog “. This is why the web giant incorporates what is called the air quality index (AQI), a piece of data that summarizes several measurements under a single value. It makes it possible to assess the quality of the air, its degree of salubrity, from which health advice derives.

The “Air Quality” map filter in Google Maps // Source: Google

To access this information, simply add “air quality” in the map details and layers, as can be done for traffic, public transport or Street View. The filter is displayed, and by clicking on it you can see several places with the corresponding air quality as well as a color code to see the most polluted places.

If no alerts are scheduled, Google will send alerts to Pixel owners about air quality. In addition, Maps can display the areas where you can no longer drive by car, precisely because of pollution.

A function available in the United States and India at the moment

To collect the AQI, Google uses government agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. But Maps also collects this data via PurpleAir, “ a low-cost sensor network that gives a more hyperlocal view of conditions “.

Source: Frandroid

Incidentally, information from PurpleAir can be displayed on Nest displays and speakers directly.

Google Maps also shows forest fires

As summer rolls around, wildfires aren’t far away. Maps now displays fires directly in the iOS and Android app, similar to air quality. Google has partnered with the National Interagency Fire Center, an organization that coordinates all agencies nationally whose mission is to fight against forest fires in the United States.

The display of forest fires in Google Maps // Source: Frandroid

But this function also seems to work in Spain, Australia and Canada as we have seen (unfortunately).

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